Operation Rejoice

How Far Will You Go For A Stranger?


Operation Rejoice (T15SS0141K) is a non-profit organization based in Singapore that was founded in 2015 by Zwen Chua and Janice Lim.

The objective of Operation Rejoice is to improve the lives of people in the areas of Education and Health.  Operation Rejoice’s signature project include rebuilding of schools in remote areas of Nepal after the massive 2015 earthquake, delivering more than 10,000kg of relief items and free cataract surgeries to Nepal, Bhutan, India, Indonesia and Cambodia. 


Operation Rejoice has a number of ongoing projects, including:

  • Seeing Hope provides free cataract surgeries to the needy in Nepal, Cambodia and Indonesia. We run one of the biggest annual eye camps in Nepal, restoring 1000 sights yearly. 
  • Schools: This project rebuilt 4 schools in Nepal's mountainous regions after the deadly 2015 earthquake.
  • Carepacks: This project provides care packs (including food, masks and other necessities) to low income in Singapore and Nepal during the Covid pandemic period.
  • Sew-A-Hope: This project coordinates donors and volunteers creating work of art and love to raise fund, or to be gifted to those in need. 


Why donate to Operation Rejoice:

1. 100% of your donation goes to patients. 

Zwen and Janice self pay all personal expenses including air ticket / accommodation etc. 

2. Real work is done. Not a single cent of your hard earned money will be wasted. 

3. Proper book-keeping and reports to IRAS and ROS. Official Receipts will be issued. Regrettably, since this is an overseas project, it does not quality for IPC status and therefore, it will not be tax-deductible. 


www.facebook.com/oprejoice - see our previous outreaches and we sincerely hope that you can support us. Together, we Spread Humanity Through Action. 


Contact: Zwen 9699 8995 / Janice 9765 1912

PayLah: 9699 8995

Operation Rejoice Maybank current account: 0404-1081496

Paynow (UEN): T15SS0141K (Operation Rejoice)

(Receipts will be issued. Please WhatsApp your full name to Zwen) 

Follow us at: www.facebook.com/oprejoice  /  www.instagram.com/oprejoice 


. 动 ,是一家在新加坡注册的非营利性人道主义组织(登记号码:T15SS0141K)。创始人是Zwen ChuaLim Shu TengJanice)。悦.动 的目标是改善人们的教育和健康领域拥有更好的人生。悦、动的标志性项目包括在2015年大地震后重建尼泊尔偏远地区的学校,提供尼泊尔,不丹,印度,印尼和柬埔寨超过10,000公斤的救援物品和免费白内障手术。




为何捐赠给悦. 动?

1. 捐款100% 捐给受助的病患及组织。







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联系人:Zwen 9699 8995 / Janice 9765 1912

PayLah:9699 8995

Operation Rejoice Maybank 来往户口: 0404-1081496

Paynow (UEN): T15SS0141K (Operation Rejoice)