Nepal EQ Relief 尼泊尔 05/15 - Distribution at Shankus VDC, Dhading District

On the ground - In Nepal (Distribution at Shankus VDC, Dhading District) - 25-26 May 2015

We departed for Shankus VDC in Dhading district where we distributed tents, groundsheets, mosquito nets and medicine.

The drive to Shankus took 5 hours with 1 hour off-road. We were greeted by friendly villagers who started gathering upon knowing our arrival. We distributed to over 400 villagers to Bhangkharka Village. Surrounding villagers from Madhuban Village and Dhola Village also came to receive relief items. As we walked around, none of the houses are in good livable condition. These villagers received almost no help.

Young boys eagerly volunteered to carry the stuff from our jeep while all other villagers waited in anticipation for their relief items. We were given traditional tika welcoming ceremony by the representative of the village.

Prior to giving out the items, we conducted demonstration of setting up tents and many uses of the groundsheets. Thereafter villagers received the items by household accordingly. All had a wide smile and thankful we came. :)

We hope that the little love sent from Singapore will give them some relief during this hard time while they start rebuilding their homeland.

Stay baliyo (strong) our beloved Nepalese.

Overnight stay @ Bhangkharka Village and we were treated very well by the villagers. The ever hospitable Nepalese gave us the best of what they can offer to us and we were deeply touched.

Loading up for 4 hours drive + 1 hour off-road drive

Moving supplies to a jeep for an hour drive off road

Ready with big smiles

Along the way ...

Along the way...bad roads

Human chain to offload supplies. Villagers helping.

Helpful village boys

Collapsed school


Very enthusiastic villager

Giving Operation Rejoice team a very warm traditional welcome

Demonstrating tent set-up

Giving out relief supplies to each household; more than 70 households.

Villagers giving thanks

Food and drinks provided by villagers

Demo on water filters

Surya receiving the filter from Janice

First taste of filtered water

Lunch served by villagers

Villagers clearing space for our tents

Villagers busy collecting whatever remains to rebuild their homes

Helping villagers setting up their tents supplied by Operation Rejoice. Happy!

Our lovely tents for the night

Always smiling, despite the going through the damaging earthquake.

Our lovely team!!! Bye bye Shankus for now.