Train-Round-Taiwan 台湾 2014 - Day 5

 We checked out this morning and to my surprise, owner of 观星园 gifted us 2 boxes of tea :)


We took a cab (NTD 2000) to Tai Chung train station at 830am.

We arrived Taichung HSR station just in time for 1022am train to Kaohsiung (Zuoying station).

We bought bento (always wanted to try 铁路便当) for lunch


 Love the lamp at Zouying ( 新左营)Train station

There is no specific luggage compartment in the TRA train. Gwyneth sacrificed her leg room for our big luggage.

 Gwyneth is busy blogging!

Cynthia as always is reading...

I am looking at this head rest cover promoting Taiwan Tourism... I looked around and over these few days (and in the past years)...

I've felt that Taiwan is such an easy country to travel ~ free and easy.

I feel safe and empowered. Probably because there was no language barrier... Taiwanese are friendly and hospitable!

Arrived Tai Tung Train station. Very rustic.

The old vintage train...

At Bay View Hotel. Great sea view... room is big... but generally we are disappointed with the city.

It's a small city with only ONE night market on every Thursday! 

Gwyneth was scared to go out because she thought she saw a snake in one of the lights... But it could be a gecko :P

The small Ma Ma shop...

Bento for dinner... NTD80 for such a complete balanced meal. Every school should make this for the students!!!

(1 Meat, 2 Vege ~ melon, green & sea kelp, half egg, 1 tiny beancurd, pickle and tiny piece of ham)