Train-Round-Taiwan 台湾 2014 - Day 4

 We woke up at 3.20am and departed at 4am to He Huan Shan 合欢山 with anticipation for a spectacular sunrise...... 


 It was 6am.. and the fog did not clear.... It was very cold as well :(


We left disappointed... and Gwyneth had motion sickness.. she didn't even walk in the clouds... 


We spent the rest of the day lazing around the minsu..

playing with the grand daughter of the host and their pets (Dooby - Husky and a meow meow cat!) 


The cat was very friendly.

Gwyneth was excited as it was the first few times she had been so close to a cat as mummy was afraid of them.

Our little cottage... Gwyneth is a photo bomber!!!

Guess who is this hungry monster?

It was really sunny for awhile. We took the opportunity to wash and dry our clothes.

Gwyneth knocked out at 2:30 p.m.`

Relaxing for me:

What a spectacular sunset!

We took this at the minsu's patio...



YAY! We were lucky! There were so many stars! Gwyneth was excited as she saw shooting stars for the first time.

However, we had to wait awhile as some of the guests put up fireworks (we had to wait for the fog to clear up)

I saw 2 shooting stars and Gwyneth saw one. Cynthia saw NONE. 

We took some star trails... but not really fantastic :(

We were accompanied by the cat that Gwyneth played with in the afternoon. it kept on crawling on us. So lovable... Gwyneth said that she would miss it.

After a while the clouds came back and it covered the stars:( However, it was a spectacular sight not to be missed.