Train-Round-Taiwan 台湾 2014 - Day 3


It was a rainy morning. We left Amba Hotel at 8:30am. Arrived at Taipei Train Station before 9am.

Found the platform and waited for the High Speed Rail eagerly.

We embarked on our journey down South towards Tai Chung --> Nantou --> CinJing Farm 清静农场.


We took a cab from Tai Chung HSR station and arrived at our Minsu (民俗:观星园) in 90 mins - NTD2100.


The host was very friendly and gave us a cottage away from the rests as he knew we wanted to do star shooting.

Walk at Cinjing Farm + Shopping!


 Gwyneth had a fun time feeding sheep.

Here is a picture of her with a friend...

It was nice to have milky ice cream even though it was cold. Brrrrrrrrrr...

Hotpot dinner... was simple yet delicious!




The night ended early.. practically nothing to do up the mountain. It was pitch dark but cloudy. NO LUCK for star trailing!