Train-Round-Taiwan 台湾 2014

Oh boy, we were tired when we arrived in Taipei at 5:30am on 15 Nov 2014.

Jasmine and family picked us up. Sophie (QiQi) was initially very shy but warmed up quickly.

Our first stop - Soya bean breakfast

Instead of the typical sweet soya bean, we tried the salty one. ( They added vinegar & chilli oil!)


Returning to the car after our meal... Doesn't Gwyneth's top matches the umbrella?!?


Went back to Jasmine's place for a short nap before heading to Coco's wedding.

Little Sophie enjoyed eating chocolate while she sat on Gwyneth's lap.


CoCo and Calvin's wedding!!! Charming, congrats to the newlyweds.

The lunch was scrumptious with lobsters, abalone, etc

For desserts, we had fruits, cakes and Hagen Daz (apparantly Hagen Daz ice cream is very very very expensive in Taiwan).

There were so many cups of Hagen Daz ice cream left that we sneaked them away in little Sophie's lunchbox!

(Sorry, we were so engrossed in eating that we forgot take photos of the other dishes.)


Arriving Amba Hotel, XiMenDing, Taipei and were pleasantly surprised!

So interesting... Enjoy ba...


A magnetic door...


All the products had spicy ginger in it! Really refreshing! (complimentary from hotel) 

After a long day, we cuddled in our cozy bed. But not without a little blogging...