Korea 韩国 2013

Family Trip to Korea

 Day 1: First stop - market

The produce are so fresh! Look at all the colourful vegetables and fruits!

Our little cabbage - Gwyneth

my favourite - grapes!

First meal - Pork hotpot

Glass museum

Will you marry me?

Beautiful isn't it?

Beautiful sisters!

Supper - Fried chicken!!!!! and lotsa food!

Day 2

城山 - 日山峰

Well done, Pa!!!!

Orange Farm

Korea BBQ

Street Food

3D Gallery

Ice craving - Im pretty good at it!

Street Food again... We love the squid sausages!

Sashimi Dinner @ Jeju

Nanny is so sporty... 

Try ... Try ... Try.........

Ok.. a tiny tiny tiny bit....

Mum: come closer and i'll poke your eyes!

Day 3

Early breakfast - abalone porridge

Back to Seoul ...

Nami Island - romantic island and the infamous 2 rows of tall trees... who wants a KISS?

yup! sausage again....

Ginseng Chicken Soup

Day 4

EverLand - WOooooonderland


BBQ lunch

Kimchi Making

Korean Traditional costume - Im the Empress!

Dinner before Hot Spring

Ski Resort

Day 5

This is the peak and it'ssss cold!

Yummy Korean traditional food

ANother.... can't remember the name of this place

Askimo praying in the court yard...

Day 6

Lingzhi bigger than Gwyneth face?!

BBQ (again)

Oh Ohhhh finally.... bbq squid!

Fried Nian Gao

Great Performance!

Day 7

Great food before heading to the airport

Best food in Korea - Strawberries!

I kinda stopped eating Strawberries in Singapore because they do not taste as good as those we ate in Korea!!!!