Koh Chang, 泰国 Thailand

A great unforgettable trip. Thanks to Dominique & family.

 An island getaway with tons of laughters! 

Hosted by Dominique, accompanied by Rachel


stocking up for island life 

Taking the ferry to Koh Chang


 Dominique's family home in Koh Chang. Beautiful and traditional...

 Speed Boat :)



Landed ourselves in a remote island 

Having lunch at the white sandy beach 

 Yup.. speed boat is a short distance...

 Found a sea cucumber and some cone clams

See how the cucumber "suck" on to the cones...  Don't worry, no animals harmed.

 So beautiful... and yes we put these beautiful creatures back in to the sea.

 Dominique's brother in law... our guide! 

 Ooooh I look good! haha

 First elephant ride in many many years...

Retro and Stylish Scooter...  I can't even ride bicycle :(

Rachel is for real.. she can ride 

Beautiful Sunset.. so romantic 

Market next to the sea 



 Huat Ah!

A Hindu temple. very interesting 

This cat.... loves me.  



transit @ Pattaya ...  (again thanks to Dominique's family for hosting us)