Korea 韩国 2014

Work Trip to Korea

 Korea 2014 - 4 day work trip... ended up being a FOOD trip (yet again)

Arriving Seoul on a cold day.

Traveling free and easy ... I love T-Money. 

Confused by the many lines and unfamiliar station names... Mil is really good with directions (and multi-tasking).

First Meal .. ice cream ... had to rush to meet agent.


Made up by having a superb expensive BBQ - Korean Beef 




Went back to the hotel with my favourite tangerines and yogurt drinks



Yes... we cannot miss the KOREAN FRIED CHICKEN


Tea-Break on one of the work days


Visited Palace & had a simple lunch nearby






Next, Arts Center... 








We managed to go to DMZ (the border of North and South Korea). Yea!!












A shopping day ... started with eating at the roadside stall :)


Fried foodstuff market.. very interesting sea food and ginseng



Ho Ho Hoooooo love my purchases!


Our last meal in Seoul - At 7-11.


The airport bus to the hotel is very convenient and reasonably priced.

Highly recommended for Free and Easy