Nepal EQ Relief 尼泊尔 05/15 - Distribution at Bungmati, Khokana, Manjushri Educational Project

 On the ground - In Nepal (Distribution at Bungmati, Khokana, Manjushri Educational Project (Pharping)) - 25-26 May 2015

Last day of distribution before we go home.

Visited Bungmati (Lalitpur district), khokana (Lalitpur), Manjushri Educational Project (Pharping).

Distributed mosquito nets, groundsheets and water filters.


@Bungmati rebuilding is starting...

@Bungmati tearing down destroyed houses

@Bungmati no more home...

@Bungmati rebuilding home

@Bungmati we bought water and masks for locals and workers clearing the rubble.

@Bungmati hardworking locals clearing on their own

@Bungmati writing down the items we giving them.

@Bungmati Mosquito nets which we donated

@Bungmati villagers waiting eagerly to receive items

@Khokana rebuilding. I see hope.

@Khokana business as usual

@Khokana rebuilding using bamboo

@MEP demo the use of water filter

@MEP Nepal government has declared no school after the earthquake but not at MEP.

@MEP student learning