Nepal EQ Relief 尼泊尔 05/15 - Distribution at Bhaktapur

On the ground - In Nepal (Distribution at Bhaktapur) - 24 May 2015

Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Witnessing the destruction Mother Nature can do. Heartbreaking to see this world heritage premise reduced to rumble.

Visited the camp and donated 50 groundsheets and 33 mosquito nets.

Other NGOs have set up temporary homes and water filtration systems.

Holding the building with logs... Will it work?

Manually pulling down buildings by the Army.

Some buildings look strong. Nepalese continued to spend time at the Square.


Strongest temple - survived many earthquakes in the Nepal history. We hope it will continue to stand strong and tall to witness time, culture and history of Nepal.

These streets are dangerous to walk through, building can crumble down ...

Hope the owner of the shoe is alright.

Alisha Shrestha of class 5, hope you are okay.

Happy DEEPAWALI 2062 Rose is Red Sky is Blue O'My Best Friend I LOVE YOU From Roshmi to Soponin (cannot make out the exact name)

Damaged houses; Shattered lives

Walking quickly through the danger zone

Locals getting life back to normal

Purified drinking water made available by NGOs

Living beside big drains means mosquitoes. Villagers will need to do their part by keeping their environment clean.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square Camp talking to the camp in-charge

Zwen giving out groundsheets to the chairman of the camp

Janice giving out mosquito nets to the chairman of the camp

The team with some villagers


Mission accomplished!