Nepal EQ Relief 尼泊尔 05/15 - Distribution at Harisiddhi

 On the ground - In Nepal (Distribution at Harisiddhi) - 24 May 2015

We arrived Harisiddhi with heavy hearts... Some villages are completely destroyed. At this particular one, 10,000 made homeless, 23 bodies found and countless missing.

The damages are beyond what words can describe... Home and dreams shattered.

When we were doing site assessments, concerned villagers came and advised us not to stay put in the ruins for too long as whatever remain standing can rumble anytime.

As I was walking through the ruins, all I could think of .. How their lives were destroyed... When we reached the holding area, we saw a room full of children playing and laughing, a room with women and very young children (infants), a kitchen with women cooking with love and smiling offering us food and soda... The men helping to make zinc shelters...

We see hope for this group of farmers. We think their optimism and determination will see them through.

These people are not greedy, they only asked for 10 mosquito nets / insect repellent from us! Can you believe it?! That's all they asked for... To protect elderly and children from insect bites.

What's left ... Evidence of shattered lives..

Danger in walking through these alleys as buildings from both sides can collapse in seconds

Zinc shelters with metal frames

Men helping to put up zinc shelters

Community shelter - women cooking

Children in make shift childcare (with the help of SOS children society).

Some NGOs have given help. Now they have clean water...

Aashraya giving mosquito nets to villagers