M. Bromo & Ijen Indonesia 印尼 2015 - Food

Indonesian Cuisine ... basically it's rice... Rice ... RIce ... RICe ... RICE.


Nasi Goreng


Nasi Goreng !!!


And yet Nasi Goereng again !!!

I've not eaten so much RICE for a long time... 1 day 3 full plates... the hikes (ok.. walks) did not burn them off :(


Roadside Satay at Bromo... perfect!


Finally... my favourite squid!


Squid again


Fried Fish with Tomato sauce


Stir fried vegetables


Mee Goreng 


Fried Prawns




Ikan Bakar (Grilled fish)


Dragon fruits (dirt cheap in Indonesia!!! 5 big juicy red ones for SGD3+)


Nice restaurant - last night @ Surabaya


Gado Gado




Fried Cereal Prawn


Salted egg yolk squid


Last meal at Surabaya - Popeye Fried Chicken!!!