M. Bromo & Ijen Indonesia 印尼 2015 - Ijen

At 1am, we departed hotel and transferred to Paltuding Ranger Post, the base camp to start the Ijen Tour.

Ijen Crater shows a special type of volcanic feature common to Indonesia,

about 1 km in diameter and 175 meters deep.

The floor is covered completely by a warm lake called Kawah Ijen,

milky blue green in colour and is the most acidic in the world.

At 1.30am, arrive at Paltuding and hike up to Mt. Ijen with local guide for 1.5 – 2 hrs trekking.

At 3.30am (or later...) , arrived Mt. Ijen around to see Blue Fire and take photos of sulphur miners.

These hardworking miners can carry up to 95kg of sulphur stones at one go.

 Enjoy the sun rise 

Colorful Crater Lake, as well as the magnificent tropical rain forest.

Crater - how magnificent

10,000 Miles - thank you for such a good trip!

Ijen Crater - 2388m

My very very very good 4th leg - Guide Sony!

Thanks Sony!