M. Bromo & Ijen Indonesia 印尼 2015

Conquering M. Bromo and Ijen Crater


Bromo | Ijen 


On 2 April, I followed 10,000 Miles and flew myself to Surabaya, Indonesia.

Arriving Surabaya, Indonesia 

Drive to Sidoarijo to see the Lapindo mud volcano 

- Nothing much going on here... we continued our journey to Bromo.

Arriving Bromo, we walked around Cafe Lava and found Satay!


We left the hotel at 3am and drove to the world's most famous view point at Mt Penanjakan

on the rim of the Tengger caldera to enjoy the sunrise with its young volcanoes

including Mt Bromo and an active Mt Semeru in the background. 

We were lucky to capture the Milky way @ Kingkong Hill


Sunrise @ Mount. Bromo








At 7am, we crossed the Sea of Sand and

hike the 284 steps to the crater of active volcano Mt. Bromo.

Horse ride available.